Since 2018,
supported by our history
and inspired by our vision,
we are creating a new fashion identity
including ready-to-wear and accessories.


was founded in Milan in 1937
by a family of fur makers.
Since then the brand has been telling
a long story of experience, creativity,
craftsmanship and Italian
sartorial quality in fur-making…

…until it got in our handS
And we decided to square the circle…

We converted Collini to making
beautiful natural real furs
without killing animals
and only from vintage furs,
also, we had to explode
Collini to total look
and start making unexpected
ready-to-wear and accessories.

We only hunt in your wardrobe
and make new furs only from existing furs,
Regenerating them with our style and craft
and giving them a new life, a second chance.
Also, we want you to have fun with them
and this is why we mix them with Cool leathers,
Hard metals, stunning feathers
and make them customizable and interactive.
In one word: Unexpected.
Our journey towards
the unexpected in fashion
also led us to create a bold
ready-to-wear and accessories collection.

We create non-conventional
shapes and colors
forging a new eco-sustainable product.
Our fur making
is a post-fur concept.

We respect animals
and we please humans.

coming soon