Heeding  a primordial call of survival amidst the elements, Collini feels the intensity of the times,  opposites both contrasting and attracting.  Man/woman, light and shadow, black and white, the past and the future.


Blood red is the color protagonist in today’s  intense drama of humanity spliced between divinity and the creatures of the earth.  The emotion of Animals in a red box.

The  silhouette is slim for men and women, revealing the body  in all of its glory. Often available in  his and hers versions, looks are   inspired by master sculptors of the past and their works celebrating the enduring beauty of the human form.

Body hugging yet body friendly,  reinforcing  the Collini dedication to   everyday glamour , fabrics are bold, shiny and sparkling ,   developed for flexibility that both caresses  the body and allows  an endless array of  movements, never constrained or rigid. Colors subtly hint to the Italian tricolore flag with  green, red and white hues recurring throughout the collection. The Stella C,  a new graphic logo enters the Collini world, a stylized and fragmented 9 point star fused with the letter C for Collini which will both decorate garments and accessories and feature in labels.

Collini reinforces its original fur couture heritage with ever present animal inspired motifs. Multiple  hissing   panthers are a recurring theme, seen printed on puffer coats and jackets and on sweatshirts. Photographic fur print is projected on to outerwear and  hooded vests as well as onto silk blouses and flowing ruffled dresses.  Black and red    tiger print  suits  alongside  natural  colored leopard print wool coats and blazers, at times adorned with crustal epaulets. Not to ignore the human element, which can be seen in iconic statue inspired prints on outerwear  where human figures are amassed together in honor of currently  forbidden physical togetherness that we yearn for.

Collini never strays from its rock soul, always with a hint of 70s glamour. The sparkling  graphic belted  jumpsuit  that fits like a glove and features  a slightly flared leg is straight out of the golden age of rock and roll.  Stretch velvet in a  trio of black/white/gold or black/white/red    in addition to  deep red lurex  pin stripes can be seen  in 3 piece suits for him and her, pants are either wide  or slightly flared while  women can choose a cropped  version jacket and  also a matching velvet  draped décolleté bodysuit.

The Collini woman steals the show in her femme fatale evening attire. Her arsenal includes  a  body hugging tiger striped front slit  maxi dress with highly constructed shoulders, sparkling fur-like  suits in green or red/black stripes and gold hotpants combined with a  flower print ruffled silk blouse.  The piece de resistance: a skin tight diva  evening gown, body and sleeves draped in mustard bronze velvet.  These sleek silhouettes are cloaked  by voluminous  survivor style puffer vests and jackets against the cold.

Not to be outshined, the Collini man is presented with a new iconic masterpiece, a variation of the metallic croco embossed  trench, this season degradè in red and gold and adorned with precious  Stella C logo buttons.

Comfort wear, the new normal, is rendered glamourous and unique in   sweatshirts and jogging pants featuring the statue print and sprayed over with golden accents or embellished with crystal laden designs and motifs.

Light as air cashmere  sweaters in round, v and turtle neck versions feature bejeweled panthers or the new Stella C logo.










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