Collini Milano 1937 originated as a fur-couturier almost 8 decades ago. The Maison's current owner and creative director, Carmine Rotondaro, has given new life to the label and has rendered the fur sector sustainable by using only per-existent prime and finished materials for 100% of the brand's fur creations. Vintage and stock furs are upcycled in the Atelier Collini: collected, dismantled, renovated, and restyled into modern luxury garments, without harming any living animal.

Owning a handcrafted no-kill fur from Collini Milano 1937 is already an exclusive statement of grandeur. But what if you could elevate this unique grandness and create a truly one-of-a-kind « pièce de resistance » ...? Atelier Collini created a patented system of hidden hooks which allows customers to fully customize their fur with their own or Collini’s charms, handcrafted by traditional artisans just outside of Italy’s Lake Garda district. «De Gustibus non disputandum est», that is to say that taste belongs to the person and is therefore subjective. Atelier Collini ensures endless possibilities of customization by providing a wide selection of charms that can be selected and fastened to the front, the back and the sleeves of each fur. Luxury is personalization, and vice-versa. When it comes to style, personal is priceless. Atelier Collini invites you to start creating your own unique Collini story! 


Via Caccialepori 23, 20148 Milan, Italy 
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No Kill Fur