On Saturday 1/11, 2020, gender fluid brand Collini Milano 1937 will officially open the doors of its first flagship store. The new 1100 sq. ft two-level retail space will be located in Via Santo Spirito, 5, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

Fusing rock ‘n roll glamour with a modernist yet extravagant aesthetic, the flagship will host all the Collini Women’s and Men’s RTW collections.

It will also include the new line of upcycled fursleatherwear and shoes, allowing customers to fully embrace the uniquely individual style of the groundbreaking maison.

An eclectic, industrial décor designed by the brand’s art director Biagio Vinella will set the tone of the shop, with brutalist walls mixed with built-in metallic shelves, gold foil seating and red hand-shaped hooks. On the second floor, a boudoir inspired setting is enhanced by a plush red carpet mirrored by 350 light bulbs, perfectly lined up throughout the ceiling. Here, contrast finishes and reflective surfaces build upon Collini’s distinctive genderless identity, creating surprising effects of light and shadow.

The lush suede seating adds a sensual touch, enticing customers to feel the comfort of an intimate shopping experience. Furthermore, the location will serve as an experimental space for events, where Creative Director and CEO Carmine Rotondaro can meet with clients and share ideas about his vision of “unminimal” style.

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