After Billy Porter created a golden fashion moment by donning Collini’s iconic gold trench at the recent 2020 Brit Awards, everyone wants that coat!


The Collini brand was born in Milan as a luxury fur label long ago in 1937, and was recently acquired and revamped by fashion insider Carmine Rotondaro.

Rotondaro, known for his eccentric taste and lust for luxury, bought the brand in part so that he could create a reliable source of bold and elaborate pieces for his own wardrobe, and not be obliged to borrow them from his girlfriend.

Paillettes, lurex, silver, studs, satin and more for men and women.

But most of all GOLD.

The legendary crocodile embossed golden leather trench, alongside Vegas cowboy style golden fringed jackets and a Studio 54 all gold maxi fringed vest.

Gold combat boots with rubber soles, glittery Cuban heel ankle boots, golden fringed camperos and the iconic croc embossed golden boots worn by Rita Ora for the cover of Love magazine “Chaos and Control” March 2020 edition.

Gold has a democratic magic, wearing it makes anyone feel regal, no matter what the background.But it was once reserved exclusively for certain nobility…Read more:Clothing in Elizabethan England Status symbols Cloth of gold and silver, tinselled satin, woollen cloth embroidered with gold and silver, sables and other furs… the clothes worn by the rich make any fashionista’s mouth water. But that list was taken from one of a series of Proclamations against ‘excess of apparel’. Who was allowed to wear what was supposed to be strictly controlled. It was essential that the Queen’s subjects should know their place, and dress accordingly, so that no one could be misled. The 1597 Proclamation went into minute detail. Only earls could wear cloth of gold, or purple silk. No one under the degree of knight was allowed silk ‘netherstocks’ (long stockings) or velvet outer garments. A knight’s eldest son could wear velvet doublets and hose, but his younger brothers couldn’t. A baron’s eldest son’s wife could wear gold or silver lace, forbidden to women below her in the pecking order.

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