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    “Most Hotels Are For Sleeping, This Hotel Is For Dreaming”

    Imagine your craziest dreams and fantasies in a single place. A recollection of arts through centuries and decades of culture and civilization. Youre entering a world of fiction and timeless reality where wilderness and eccentricity blend in the most one-of-a-kind, outstanding ways. 

    Explore a space designed to recall your memories; a space to remember the fun times; representations of lifes growth assembling childhood passions into an establishment meant for complete imaginary immersion. 

    Behind the dark minimalist façade, you will enter the exceptional world of Collini Rooms where your dream experience will begin through a unique lobby assembling a variety of elements meant to merge you in its fantastic environment. From pinball machines straight out from an 80s arcade, to dinosaurs roaming the halls, the start of the journey begins with a mix of pop culture. Following the tagged walls depicting extravagant writings and figures ranging from cartoon bubbles to rocky posters, guests arrive in the lounge bar, a mix between a diner with a bar-tabac, bringing a nostalgic feeling through its candy distributors, luminous installations, and the iconic eponymous Barbe à Papa stand.


    The rooftop hides an outstanding view of the city where an adaptation of a saintly mural overlooks the building and shines through the evening illuminations — a hint of The Last Judgement is recognized. The extraordinary setting brings guests into a unique dining room decorated with frescos where eccentric representations of Delacroix's, Caravaggios and Rembrandts masterpieces adorn the walls. The artistic language mixes symbolism with reinterpreted fauna where meanings thrive as society is depicted in the most creative ways. 

    Extending into a stunning terrace, the contemporary brasserie offers a mix of sophisticated and traditional fine food. The international cuisine blends influence in exquisite dishes such as the Salmon Sashimi or traditional Italian Risotto. 

    Guests can enjoy an informal lunch as well as an afternoon aperitivo while contemplating the Milanese skyline. 

    Dinnertime presents a whole new setting with occasional entertaining and shows. The centered stage will welcome various artists for an unforgettable evening, while guests will savor sophisticated and traditional drinks and food. 


    Guests will have the choice between two types of rooms, classic or suite, where the wilderness and creativity will continue as each floor expresses a theme. Stepping out of the elevator, guests are greeted with a familiar character standing out of the uniform bright halls while curiosity rises through the walk towards the chosen premise. A recall of a jungle thrives through delicate wallpapers contrasting with the solid-colored furniture as modernism and class collide. The variety of textures give a warm feeling to the room as wooden dressers and furry seats decorate the space.


    - The classic room features a comfortable bed facing large windows giving the space natural lighting. Each room is equipped with a bathroom where guests can find all the necessary appliances.

    In addition, guests will find technological amenities guaranteeing a wonderful and entertaining stay. 

    - The suite features a comfortable bed facing large windows giving the space natural lighting. Each room is equipped with a generous bathroom where guests can find all the necessary appliances. Sitting space is provided with an elegant sofa and coffee table for guests to enjoy a relaxing moment. In addition, rooms feature technological amenities guaranteeing a wonderful and entertaining stay.


    Italian artist Federico Unia is the man behind the outstanding frescos covering the walls of Collini Rooms. His expressive style and translation into contemporary representations of symbolic icons bring to life an interesting view on societal challenges. Looking through the paintings, you will notice familiar characters and masterpieces mixed with elements deriving from pop and street art. Throughout his numerous inspirations, Federico Unia chose certain specific works such as Delacroix's Liberty leading the people’ or Velàzques’ ‘Coronation of the Virgin, that he revisited and reinterpreted through modern symbolic details and incorporations of Animal Man’ figures. His use of light and shadow recalls the Baroque style of Masters as Caravaggio or Rembrandt. Eccentricity thrives as the Renaissance setting is contrasted with contemporary characters where superheroes and infantile figures merge into the environment of the scenes. While those works may seem to only bear an entertaining meaning, deeper analysis brings out Unias views on the local society where his statement on Italian values and morals is expressed in a unique artistic language.

    Collini Rooms

    Via Mecenate 89 20138 Milan Italy

    Tel: +39 02 50 35 89